Commonly Asked Questions From Private Investigators

5 Jun

Commonly Asked Questions From Private Investigators

A private investigator, a private detective, investigative agent or investigation consultant, is someone who can be employed by people, institutions or NGOs to undertake investigative personal service. Private investigators are also known as private investigators (PI’s) or private detectives (PD’s). Private investigators most often work as private investigators (PI) or investigative personnel for law firms, corporations, bail bondsmen, insurance investigators, and public investigators. Most private investigators work on a contingency fee basis, which means they receive no money before finding and locating the target of the investigation.

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Equipment used by private investigators

Private investigators may also utilize sophisticated surveillance equipment and devices to track the subject of the investigation. They may employ GPS tracking to locate and follow subjects. They also make use of video cameras and monitoring systems. Video surveillance is very common in high profile investigations. Some private investigators may use digital imaging devices to make a digital image of the suspect, the location of the target and the activities of the subject. Other private investigators may engage in surveillance through oral means such as tracking by cellular phone or by watching a subject as he/she walks on a sidewalk or even on a bus or train.

Private investigators may require surveillance in regards to their targets social media usage. They may require the usage of digital cameras to take video footage of the target; they may require GPS tracking to track the target using a satellite map; they may require CCTV imaging to monitor activity around the target; or they may require surveillance of emails, internet usage and text messaging on their computer. A private investigator may also require physical surveillance of the subject such as taking a suspect to a hotel room where he/she is sure there are cameras recording the situation. If you are being investigated and think that your private investigator may be utilizing too much surveillance or you feel threatened by your private investigator, I suggest you seek legal advice immediately.

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If you have been contacted by your spouse or significant other regarding an investigation, you should be very careful in how you react. The actions that you take after being informed by your spouse or partner that there may be an investigation will directly impact the outcome of the case and can create complications in the future. I would not suggest that you agree to any searches without your private investigator’s consent unless you have every confidence that these searches will prove fruitful in your investigations.


Child Custody and Visitations

The third most commonly asked questions from private investigators is child custody and visitation. One of the primary reasons private investigators become interested in a case is to obtain a child custody agreement. When a couple is divorcing one of the parents may have issues with visitation rights because of past abuse or spousal abuse. In many instances it is common for private investigators from Discreet Investigations Mississauga to make an agreement with the other parent prior to conducting the investigation. If this is not done then the investigation will likely fail.

Lastly, there are many people that desire to know what can be done to stop tax fraud, identity theft, and tax frauds that may be occurring at the same time. One of the main goals of private investigators is to prevent criminal activity from going on. By investigating an individual and obtaining information on any previous criminal activity they may be able to stop any potential criminal activity from occurring. Aspiring investigators should always ask these types of questions before hiring a private investigator to conduct an investigation on their behalf.